Just for the guys! All the intimidation of being in a traditional yoga class melts away as this class is designed with you stiff guys in mind!

You are welcome to join in anytime as each week we will review concepts and details so you feel comfortable and safe while you learn and practice. Consistency is encouraged for the best experience and results. You’ll be encouraged to practice at home and be given easy tips and tricks to help you keep it up even while on vacation.

Come prepared to laugh while you feel better in your body, one stiff layer at a time.

What Makes Stiff Men’s Yoga unique?

* Dina is always accessible to address your questions or concerns before, during and after class.
* The class is catered to men’s body types and won’t require you put your foot behind your head or attempt pretzel-like positions.
* We will work on yoga poses that make your other activities even more enjoyable and will contribute to you being injury free.
* You don’t have to “oohhmm” unless you really want to.
* Dina happily honors your (yoga related) requests!
* Gentle and slow stretching, combined with some strengthening and stabilizing, combined with some deep breathing will calm your mind and slow down the aging process. Guaranteed.
* The guys all laugh at / with each other. It’s part of the process.
* We call yoga props “tools” to make you feel more comfortable.

Stiff Men's Yoga Instructors