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Know your own presence, voice and vitality on a deeper level.

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The essence of Thrive Yoga Crested Butte

We take care of the Individual and the Collective

We Normalize Making Healthy Decisions

Yoga is union between
your mind
your body
your Self
and the divine

Yoga teachers are like master gardeners; they nourish small seeds through collective practice and breath-work. They hold space for still introspection, and facilitate collective movements that enliven people and provide tools that help us understand what it means to Thrive!

Living Yoga

Yoga is a way of life. It is an ancient practice that brings our mind, body and spirit into alignment. We take what we learn on the mat into our daily lives. We can all be yogis, peacefully present in each moment, our lives a journey of self-transformation as we practice living as our highest self.


The physical postures of yoga, known as asanas, transform into moving meditations, when we coordinate movement with breath. At Thrive yoga, we offer many styles of yoga – try them all and find what resonates with YOU.


This is the true heart of yoga, the discovery of the divine within: the elemental part of us that is beyond body, emotions and thoughts. Practicing mindfulness helps us stay present and calm, able to respond to respond instead of react to situations. Mindfulness tools like meditation can transform your life.